• Are we responsible for moving furniture and items on the walls?

    JDR will move typical furniture items in order to perform painting. Pictures and wall hung items will also be removed.

  • Does JDR have safety training?

    Yes, all of JDR’s painters have 10 HOUR OSHA training and are trained in the following areas…fall protection, PPE, respirators, and man lift operation. All field personnel are required to undergo minimum of 10 hour safety training in various subjects every year.

  • What if we can't decide on what produce to use?

    That’s okay, JDR’s employees have extensive knowledge of products in today’s coating market and will pick the right product for your project

  • Does JDR have interior designers?

    We work closely with interior designers and can recommend the two we work with on a consistent basis.

  • Does JDR have a warranty?

    All workmanship is warrantied for 1 year and JDR will facilitate any manufacturer warranty work that is needed at no cost to our clients.

  • What areas do we service?

    We service Walworth, Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, and Waukesha counties. We also service Lake County and Greater Chicago Suburbs.

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