Painting and Shop Helper

Growing painting contractor seeking a dependable, hardworking, and self-starting individual to assist journeyman painters and help with shop operations.

Skills Needed: Strong organization and communication skills, basic mechanic experience, must be able to lift at least 75#’s, self-starter and motivator, clean driving record, experience driving vehicles with trailers, loading, and unloading of equipment on trailers, good knowledge in the operation of tools and equipment used in construction. Works well under pressure, punctual and dependable, works well with others, foresight, and honesty.

Painting Helper Duties  
• Perform painting preparation activities
• Set up of job site equipment, tools, etc
• Care of tools and equipment
• Clean up after painting operations
• Covering of job site area
• Delivering equipment and materials to job site and staging
• Pressure washing under supervision

Shop Helper Duties  
• Maintain shop and warehouse areas, keeping them clean, and orderly.
• Perform loading, securing, and mobilizing of equipment and materials for projects
• Weekly cleaning of office area
• Perform idle time to do work, like washing vehicles, building repairs, etc.
• Receive/solicit material/supply requests for the next day.
• Pick up / order / deliver materials, equipment, & supplies, as instructed.
• Ensure that the warehouse is clean and materials, etc. Are stored/secured at the end of the day.
• Complete all assigned responsibilities, such as paperwork, etc., as required. Keep yard areas clean
• Coordinate action for any equipment, vehicles, tools, or building property that is in need of repair
• Perform basic inspections of equipment such as oil changes, making sure fuel is full before going out, packing of sprayers, checking power tools, etc. • Execute the cleaning of job sites including but not limited to, the removal of unused materials and housekeeping as required
• Coordinate with field and JDR office for the procurement of materials, delivery of materials, equipment, tools, etc.,
• Maintaining inventory or tools, equipment, leftover job materials. Keeping records, and tracking
• Perform spotter duties as needed to comply with project safety requirements

Wages: $15 per hour

Send resumes to [email protected] or call us at our office line to arrange to come in for an application.

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